Northern Cyprus Weather | Kyrenia Weather

The weather in Northern Cyprus


North Cyprus is a true all year round holiday destination, thanks to the warm, and mainly dry weather, with well in excess of 300 days a sunshine every year.


Although December and January are classed as the winter months here, you can still expect to see the sun and the days will remain comfortable warm. The evenings and nights will be colder and you will need some winter clothes, although nothing too heavy. Layers are better than thickness, as you can wear as many as necessary. You might see some rain in January and February, although the days will still mainly be sunny. February and March are similar to January with predominantly sunny days, the possibility of some rain and cooler evenings and nights. However, March is the start of spring in Northern Cyprus and the temperatures start to rise again. Light winter clothes are advisable for the evenings, though the days can reach temperatures in the mid-twenties centigrade. Late February to late May is the ideal time for wild flowers and the meadows and countryside can be a mass of vibrant colours.


By April and into May the daytime temperatures rise, but still feel comfortable. Evenings are now starting to be pleasantly warm. By mid-May, you are unlikely to need much warm clothing and by June the early summer season starts, with average temperatures in the mid-twenties and even the evenings now pleasantly warm. July, August and September are the months for sun worshippers and this is definitely the time to take the highest-factor sunscreen with you! In September, after the school holidays, temperatures can be as high as July, so you can find peace as well as sunshine. The evenings will still be hot, so you will find most people sitting where there is air-conditioning or a fan, or finding a pleasant spot near the coast with a pleasant sea breeze.


October is extremely pleasant for most people. The extreme summer heat has subsided a little, but it can still be very hot in the daytime, though warm and relaxing at night. November is similar, and can actually be warmer on average, though the night temperatures dip more and you may want longer sleeves and trousers.


If you are flexible with when you can go on holiday, then it is advisable to choose the time of year to travel by taking into account what you want to do on holiday. If you are happy sunbathing and enjoying the scenery in a relaxed way, then the summer months are obviously ideal. Scuba diving is virtually an all-year activity here, though currents and weather can be more variable between December and March. If you are planning on being more active, and certainly if you are considering a holiday with plenty of walking, then it is probably best to stay clear of July, August and September. If you don’t mind the heat then it is, of course, not a problem. However, wearing some kind of sun hat is advisable and at all times of the year it is essential to take along plenty of drinking water.


Whenever you travel, North Cyprus holidays are certain to provide the weather you expect!