Flying to North Cyprus via U.K airports

Flying to North Cyprus via U.K airports

Flying to North Cyprus via U.K airports

A1CYPRUS offers flights and package holidays from the U.K to north Cyprus with Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines Flies to North Cyprus Ercan Airport from; London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Dublin. A1CYPRUS also offers flight, hotel and transfer deals to North Cyprus at the best price for you.

International Transfer

Having doubts or trouble flying via Turkish airlines due to the fact that you have to change planes? This will come to a stop, because after reading this clear guide, you will have no doubts.

Starting off at the beginning, it is your choice whether you check-in at the airport or online, but either way you have to go to the Turkish Airlines check-in desk to check in your suitcase or other main luggage. It is important to remember that once you have checked in your luggage, it will directly go to Ercan – you don’t need to collect it and re check it in at Istanbul.

After checking in, you would carry on through the airport as normal; hand luggage check, passport control, finding your flight time and the correct gate, and most importantly BEING ON TIME! The plane will not wait for you. Once on the plane you should enjoy the flight like normal, there is no need to stress or panic about where to go or what to do in Istanbul.

Once the flight lands, you will collect your hand luggage (remembering that your suitcase is being taken care of) and depart the aeroplane. Once off the plane at Istanbul, you should head towards INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL TRANSFERS, which is where you will find the next gate to your connecting flight. It is understandable that people sometimes get lost and this may happen to you, so if it does it is important not to panic, and to simply seek help. There will be a Turkish Airlines help desk available to answer any questions you may have about your flight transfer, but if you can’t find this, with friendly staff, and other regular flyers, there is a guarantee you can find someone who can direct you to the correct place. Although with the clear signs and directions throughout the airport, it shouldn’t be a problem.

You will then board your awaiting aeroplane, this time with your destination as Ercan – North Cyprus When you arrive at Ercan airport, you will follow through to passport control, then go directly to collect your luggage and exit via the departure doors in the airport. If you have booked a transfer with A1CYPRUS, this is where you will be collected and shown to your transfer car.

Remember that your main luggage is not your responsibility whilst at Istanbul Atatürk Airport if you’re transferring flights, although your hand luggage and personal items are always your responsibility and the airline or company cannot take responsibility for loss or theft of these items. Your main suitcase will become your responsibility once you have landed at Ercan Airport.

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