frequently asked questions about North Cyprus and Northern Cyprus holidays

Frequently Asked Questions about North Cyprus Holidays

Is A1 Cyprus ATOL protected?
Yes. A1 Cyprus is a trading name for All Year Cyprus Travel UK Limited. Your package holiday booking is fully protected under our ATOL number 10505.

Am I committed to paying for the holiday when I get prices online?
You are free to search and cost as many holidays as you like. You are only committed to buying a holiday once you have entered and confirmed your payment details.

Can I book two centre holidays from your website?
If you are looking for something a little complicated, such as a two-centre holiday and a specialist tour, please call us on 0203 150 0352 and we can make all the relevant reservations.

Can I cancel my holiday online?
It is currently not possible to cancel holidays online. If you need to cancel your holiday, please contact us by email or please call 0203 150 0352. Cancellation charges as per the Terms and Conditions of your holiday will apply.

Can I hire a car from Ercan airport?
Yes. You can book from our website and your hire car can be delivered and collected from Ercan airport. However, as car hire is charged at a daily rate and most flights arrive relatively late, then it may be better to book transfers with us and have your car delivered the next day. If you have booked a package holiday with us, transfers in resort are provided.

Can I make amendments to my holiday reservation?
Yes, you can amend your booking. However, please note that there is usually an amendment fee for each person named on the booking and for every booking detail that you change. Please contact us by email, quoting your booking reference and we will advise accordingly.

Can I pay by PayPal?
Yes, you can pay with PayPal. Choose ‘offline payment’ when you make your online reservation and we can send you a PayPal payment request.

Can I pay for my holiday by cheque?
If you wish to pay by cheque this is perfectly acceptable. We accept Building Society cheques, Bankers Drafts and personal cheques. All cheques should be made payable to All Year Cyprus Travel UK Ltd.

How do I cancel my holiday if I need to?
If you need to cancel your holiday, please contact us immediately by email ([email protected]). Please see our Booking Terms and Conditions for further information about our cancellation policy.

What are the check in time and check out time for hotels?
Check in is normally from 14:00 and check out no later than 12:00. If you need an early check in or late check out, we may be able to arrange this. Please contact us with your requirements.

Do I have to pay a deposit? If so, how much?
Deposits are applicable for all holidays except late deals, where full payment is due at the time of booking. If you are booking within 10 weeks of your departure date, you must pay the entire cost of your holiday. If you are booking more than 10 weeks in advance of your departure date, you can choose to pay a deposit as shown on the payment page of the online booking process. You will also be informed at this stage of when the balance is due.

Do I need travel insurance cover?
Yes, travel insurance is essential and strongly recommends that you make sure you have adequate holiday insurance. North Cyprus is not part of the EU, so European Health Insurance cards are not valid.

Do I need a visa to travel to North Cyprus?
If you hold a valid EU or US passport, then you do not need an advance visa to visit North Cyprus. On arrival, you will either be given a stamp in your passport, or a visa form. If you have the latter, be careful not to lose this, as you might have problems when leaving the country.

Do you provide services for celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary?
If you want to surprise a family member or friend, who may be celebrating a special occasion, please contact us by email or call us on 0203 1500352 detailing your requirements. We will do our very best to help, but please note we cannot guarantee that all requirements can be catered for. Please bear in mind that any specific request may appear on your holiday invoice, so if you are planning to keep your plans secret make sure you keep any correspondence from us safely hidden.

Do children need their own passport?
All children, including new-born babies must now have their own individual passport. The child's passport will initially be valid for 5 years, but can be renewed for a further 5 years at the end of this period. Once they reach their 16th birthday they then become eligible for a standard 10-year passport. Children included on passports before 5th October 1998 who are already included on a valid passport can still continue to travel abroad with the passport holder until they reach their 16th birthday. If your child's details are currently included on your passport, they must be removed once your child reaches 16. They will then require their own passport.

What side of the road do you drive on in North Cyprus?
On the left, the same as the UK. Virtually all road signs are the same as well, although speeds are shown in kilometres per hour.

How do I make special requests, such as a ground-floor apartment or sea-view room, when booking online?
When you book your holiday online, some guaranteed options will be made available to you during the booking process. These may include room type (e.g. twin room, family room), room upgrade options, and travel choices such as in-flight meals. If you do not see your specific request listed, this is because it is not possible to reserve this option online and these options are therefore not guaranteed to be available. For information as to the availability of any other specific requests please contact us by email or call us on 0203 1500352. Whilst we will make every effort to accommodate any other specific requests, we cannot guarantee that your requests will be available.

How long is the flight from UK to Cyprus?
Depending on the departure airport in the UK, flights to Larnaca are around four hours and to Ercan around six. Flights are direct to Larnaca and have a stopover in Turkey en-route to Ercan, though usually no change of aircraft is involved.

How long are transfers in North Cyprus?
Depending on exactly where you are staying, approximately 40 minutes from Ercan to the Kyrenia region and approximately 90 minutes from Larnaca to Kyrenia.

How do I know you have received my booking?
Once you complete the online booking process and confirm your booking, you will receive a confirmation email to the address you entered on the Personal Details section. This will contain your holiday details, costs and reference number. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact us by email or call us on 0203 150 0352

I have a disability. How do I know which of your hotels are suitable for me?
For advice on accommodation suitable for guests with disabilities, please email us or call us 0203 150 0352 and we will do our best to assist you further.

I have booked a holiday but I cannot travel due to medical reasons. Will I lose my money?
Please refer to your travel insurance as it may cover you if you were unaware of your condition at the time you booked your holiday. However, if you confirmed your holiday knowing there was a possibility you may need to cancel, the insurance may not cover you in the event of a claim. Cancellation charges as per the Terms and Conditions of your holiday will also apply. A1 Cyprus strongly recommend that you take out appropriate holiday insurance.

I have booked a holiday. Can I change the name of one of the passengers?
Yes, however there is a charge for this, which is dependent on when you are travelling. Please contact us by email ([email protected]) quoting your booking reference.

If I am pregnant, can I still fly?
Different airlines apply different rules to women who wish to fly during pregnancy. Please let us know your exact circumstances at the time of booking and we will advise you accordingly. In addition, please ensure you have adequate insurance cover for the entire trip as many policies cover only up to the 28th week.

Is my transaction, and the information I submit online, secure?
All transactions via the online booking system at are completely safe and secure. We use ‘128 bit encrypted’ software and when you submit information to the site during a booking, the information will be encrypted and transmitted securely. Your personal details are confidential and secure. is licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (ATOL number 10505) which means that in the unlikely event of any financial failure your holiday is fully protected. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Is there a charge if I pay by credit card?
If payment for your booking is made by credit card, a handling fee of 2.5% per transaction is made.

The ‘manage my booking’ section does not seem to work
You cannot login to the MANAGE MY BOOKING section until your booking has been confirmed by A1 Cyprus manually. Once you have booked your holiday, we process the entire transaction so this may take a few hours. If after this, you still cannot login, please contact us.

What are the age ranges that are classed as 'infant' and 'child'?
Infants: Under two years of age at the time of the return date of travel. If your child will be celebrating his or her second birthday while on holiday, you must book and pay the appropriate child fare. An infant must be more than seven days old to travel on an aircraft, for health and safety reasons. Each infant must be accompanied by at least one adult. Infants are not entitled to their own seat or to a personal baggage allowance.
Children: Between 2 and 16 years old on the return date of travel.

Children aged two years and older pay the full flight fare, have their own seat on an aircraft and are also entitled to the full baggage allowance.

What Currency is used in North Cyprus?
The Turkish Lira is the official currency, but many larger restaurants, shops and most hotels will accept Sterling or Euros.

What do I do if my travel details are incorrect?
Make sure to check your confirmation email, and any e-tickets, hotel vouchers, transfer vouchers or car hire vouchers carefully when you receive them. If you need to contact us to amend any booking details please do so as soon as possible by email ([email protected]) quoting any booking reference number.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Debit cards
Visa Electron
Credit cards (these may attract a charge):
American Express

What if I want to make a change to my booking?
You can amend your booking but you must do so as soon as possible by email ([email protected]) but please note that an 'amendment fee' may be made for each person named on the booking and for each detail of the booking that is changed. Please refer to the booking terms and conditions for more information and charges. Itinerary changes (to departure date, duration, destination or accommodation) are subject to availability at the time you amend your booking.
What is the electricity supply in North Cyprus?
220-240 volts AC, with ‘square pin’ plugs, the same as the UK.

What is the luggage allowance if I am travelling as part of a package holiday booking?
Please refer to your particular airline’s luggage allowance details as each airline differs slightly. If you need further advice, please contact us.


What time are the shops open in North Cyprus?
In winter, most shops are open from 8 am to 5 pm.
In summer, from 8 am to 2 pm, and then from 4 pm to 6 pm, though many stay open later.


How do I contact the A1cyprus North Cyprus office?
All year Cyprus Travel
North Cyprus
Tel 0090 392 2272 509
Mobile 0090 533 848 9000