Weddings in North Cyprus, Getting Married in Northern Cyprus

Weddings in North Cyprus, Getting Married in Northern Cyprus

Getting married in Northern Cyprus

Are you planning your marriage, but unsure when to have the ceremony because of the unpredictable weather in the UK? Have you been looking at venues for the event and the reception, and the honeymoon options? Are you surprised at how quickly the cost of everything adds up? Once you've accounted for dresses, suits, flowers, cars, a photographer, the cake, catering, etc. the list gets longer and longer…  and so does the bill. The average cost of a wedding held in the UK is now between £16,000 and £25,000! In addition, the arrangements can be extremely stressful, which is hardly the best start to married life. So, how would you like to significantly reduce the cost of your wedding, know that the sun will be shining and have the stress taken away? This is not a dream, A1 can do all this for you. Richard the Lionheart is said to have has his honeymoon in St. Hilarion Castle, so you too could follow in his footsteps.

Did your friends get married in their local church or registry office? Although they almost certainly had a lovely day and would not want to have changed it for the world, would you like your wedding to be different to all the others? You could choose from a beach wedding, a castle, a boat or an ancient abbey, to name just a few. There are plenty of venues for you to choose from and our wedding planners have the knowledge and experience to make your wedding day truly a dream come true. Not only can we make the arrangements for the wedding itself, but we can also make the arrangements for any guests who want to share your special day and also make this their week or two weeks holiday. Plus, of course, your honeymoon can be in one of the very special hotels we offer.

When is the best time for your North Cyprus wedding? The peak summer season runs from June through to September, but July and August can be very hot, so wearing a full morning suit might end up a little uncomfortable! Probably the best months are April, May, June, September and October, though you will find plenty of sunshine in the winter months as well. North Cyprus has on average 300 sunny days a year. With this in mind, what better place to have your tailor-made special day?

For the venue itself, there are many choices. A large number of North Cyprus hotels now offer wedding packages and are used to accommodating a large number of guests, with first-class catering facilities. Many offer dedicated areas for weddings, including not just gardens, but beaches too. For something more traditional, there are a number of churches available. For something truly spectacular, however, you would need to go a long way to beat a setting such as Bellapais Abbey.

At A1 Cyprus, we are involved in organising some ten to fifteen weddings every year. We can assist with all your planning, from the venue and accommodation for guests, through catering, wedding cars, flowers and the cake, to where to stay for a wonderfully romantic honeymoon. With us, you, your guests, and all the arrangements will be in safe hands. Call us today on 0800 711 7619 and start to make your dreams come true.