North Cyprus car hire - Northern Cyprus Car hire - A1 Cyprus Rent a car

North Cyprus car hire - Northern Cyprus Car hire - A1 Cyprus Rent a car

Car Hire in Northern Cyprus

Like almost everything on the island, public transport is cheap and friendly. However, it appears to run to no proper timetable and, more importantly for the visitor, does not run to most places in the evening and does not run to some places at all. Taxis are reasonable, but in general hiring a car is by far the best and most cost effective way to get around. The roads are generally uncrowded and the heritage of British rule of the island means that driving is on the left of the road and all the road signs will be familiar.

At A1 Cyprus we offer extremely competitive rates for car hire and can deliver your car direct to where you are staying. As car hire is normally charged at a daily rate and most flights arrive in the afternoon or evening, if you are travelling on a package holiday it makes sense to take advantage of the transfers we provide and have your car delivered the day after you arrive. We can deliver your rental vehicle to any location, including private villas and apartments as well as any hotel. If you are making your own way, we can of course deliver your car to the airport. Normally hire is for a minimum three-day period, though shorter rentals can be arranged at a slightly higher daily rate.

With the exception of some convertible models, all our vehicles are air-conditioned. We currently have the following vehicles available for rental. Please note that some models are in quite high demand, so booking early is highly recommended.

• Ford Fiesta
• Ford Fusion
• Ford Focus
• Chevrolet Spark
• Chevrolet Aveo
• Suzuki Vitara 4x4
• Land Rover Freelander 4X4
• Opel Zafira 7-seater family car
• Mini One
• Mini one convertible


General information

To rent a car, you must be over 25 years of age and hold a full British or international driving license. Please remember to bring both sections of your license, the paper part as well as the card. All our rental prices include full, comprehensive insurance as well as collision damage waiver. We provide a detailed road map with all our vehicles, and you will need this, as GPS navigation currently does not cover Northern Cyprus. At all times, you should carry your hire contract and driving license with you. All our vehicles use unleaded petrol, which is widely available. There are one or two 24-hour garages in Kyrenia, Famagusta and Nicosia, but most close quite early. In places like the Karpaz Peninsula, garages are few and far between so it is advisable to fill up before a long journey.  Please note that insurance does not cover punctures, so take care when parking by beaches and the like, where there may be rocks around!

The road traffic laws here are very similar to those in the UK. Speed limits are indicated by normal road signs and are quite rigidly enforced. We also now have speed cameras on many routes, so take care. The wearing of seat belts is obligatory for all passengers. Although you are on holiday and will want to relax, please note that drinking and driving is against the law here. Routine stops for breath testing are commonplace and if caught, you will face a very large fine. As in the UK, it is also illegal to use a mobile phone when driving. Parking is generally easy, though can be slightly more difficult in the centres of major towns. However, there are many car parks in major towns and cities and parking charges are remarkably low. In smaller towns and villages, parking is usually free of charge, even in designated car parks. Finally, please remember that unlike the UK, when someone flashes their headlights at you it is usually a warning that they are coming though, rather than an invitation for you to do so! Above all, enjoy driving here. It really does feel like going back in time a few years, to when roads were less crowded and motoring was still a pleasure.

If you are planning a long-stay holiday, especially in the wintertime, we can offer discounted rates that are extremely favourable. We can also provide child seats for vehicles. Please contact us when booking if you require this.