North Cyprus News

Crossing border North to South Easier now

Last week North Cyprus Custom officers announced that there is no more visa paper filling when you cross border South to North or North to South, once you arrive Check point it will be enought to Show your Passport and pass through the border, there is no restriction for flying to Ercan Airport or Larnaca Airport and Staying in North Cyprus or Southern Cyprus. And also Custom officers announced that one more crossing point will be open on the island soon. We will update you once we get more details.



June 2014. The Bellapais Music Festival


Running between May 21st and June 17th, the 18th International Bellapais Music Festival has been hailed as a success. This annual event has grown substantially over the years and attracts many famous names from the world of classical music. This year, notable performers included the Milan String Quartet and the German baritone, Ivo Berkenbusch, among many others. Held in the famous abbey, the venue provides outstanding acoustics and a remarkable atmosphere.



May 2014. Lawrence Durrell’s Home to Open for Visits


The current owner of the house made famous in Durrell’s novel, Bitter Lemons of Cyprus, has confirmed that the house will be opened for visitors from 4th September to 2nd October this year. Substantial renovation works have been carried out over the years, and the house with its appropriate lemon-coloured walls is well worth a look. The doors will be open from 11:30 in the morning every day except Sundays.



April 2014. Lapta Coastal Walking Path Opens


The public can now enjoy the magnificent views over the Mediterranean following the opening of Phase One of the Lapta Coastal Walking Path. The current phase provides nearly two kilometres of paved pathway adjacent to the sea in the Lapta region. Starting from near to the Sardunya Beach Bar the current pathway extends in the direction of the Sempati Hotel. Bult by the Lapta Municipality with funding from the EU, bidding is currently in place for the second phase, which will see the pathway extended to over three kilometres and will include bridges over some coastal inlets.


The opening ceremony for the coastal Path was led by the council Vice President, Unal Ustel, Foreign Affairs Counsellor and previous chairman of the Co-ordination Centre Erhan Ercin, The EU Cypriot Turkish Community Help Centre head, Alessandra Viezzer and Lapta Mayor Fuat Namsoy. The ceremony was also attended by Alsancak Mayor Yucel Atakara, Guzelyurt Mayor Mahmut Ozcinar, Kyrenia District Governorship Authority members and Lapta Municipal Council members, together with representatives from the municipality areas and members of the public.


The Phase One project was overseen and planned by ADES Architecture and Engineering and construction work was carried out by the Asan Group of Companies. The second phase is due to be completed later in the year and will be jointly financed by the Lapta Municipality and the Turkish Government through its Nicosia embassy.


Speaking at the opening ceremony, Lapta Mayor Fuat Namsoy said “The public meets the sea!” He noted that everyone was proud to see that the first phase of the project, which they first dreamed about some eight years ago, has at last come true. He also added that the aim of this project is to engage the public with the sea, and providing them the space to exercise or take a walk in a natural environment. Mayor Namsoy went on to say that they also aim to make the district a centre of attention for North Cyprus holidays, and contribute to the economy and tourism. He thanked everyone who has contributed to the project and especially the EU Cypriot Turkish Community Support Office Director Alessandra Viezzery and the Ministry of External Affairs Undersecretary and previous EU Co-ordination Office Director Erhan Ercin.


Some 60 acres of land have been purchased for municipal use and there are projects that will benefit residents and tourists alike, including a leisure centre, youth centre and green fields. With the new pathway, disabled people will also be able to enjoy the coast with ease. Lapta is usually known for its lemons and citrus fruit, now it will also be known as the first beautiful coastal path with the mountains on one side and the sea on the other. Even though Lapta was the first touristic town in the country, it later suffered a setback in tourism. Due to the investments being made on infrastructure, Lapta has started to gain momentum again.



March 2014. Hisarkoy Enlivened by its Orchid Festival


Organised traditionally every year by the Lapta Municipality and the Hisarkoy Arts and Culture Association, the Hisarkoy Orchid Festival took place in the village square in March this year and was officially opened by the President of the Republic Council Sibel Siber. Also attending were the Kyrenia Governor Mehmet Envergil and the Lapta Mayor Fuat Namsoy. In the opening speeches, the organisers stated that they want to continue to raise awareness of the orchids in Cyprus and Hisarkoy, be environmentally conscious and contribute to cultural publicity.



March 2014. Festival Spirit in Tepebasi


The traditional Tepebasi Tulip Festival is organised annually by the Tepebasi Arts and Culture association. The Festival, which aims to preserve the endangered Tulipa Cypria - locally known as the Medos Tulip, was participated in by many people from around the country and abroad. The festival began with a cortege march starting from the Tepebasi Tulip Monument and ending at the festival area. This was followed by pillow run for primary school students and opening speeches. The Festival continued with a nature and tulip themed photography exhibition. The festival lasted for two days with plenty entertainment including folk and modern dances, nature walks, bicycle tours, classic car and motorcycle shows, traditional Cypriot folk songs and much more.