Looking for Hotel in Kyrenia North Cyprus

Looking for Hotel in Kyrenia North Cyprus ?

Looking for Hotel in Kyrenia North Cyprus ?

When coming to North Cyprus, one of the hotels you should consider staying at is Sempati Hotel. From the unique crescent shaped main building (with every room having a sea and pool views), to the bungalows around the main pool and apartments which are suitable for families. We have something to fulfil everyone’s needs. There is three bars in the hotel, two used for winter months and one used for summer, which is located outside near the pool – perfect for days by the pool when you require a light beverage or lunchtime snack.

Hotel Sempati is located a two minute drive away from the main strip in Lapta, which had restaurants and bars to suit your dining and drinking preference, for those days when you wish to venture out from the hotel. With the available facilities in the hotel and the local bars (which are two minutes away walking distance) who have a traditional English menu, it’s considered Sempati is one of the best located hotels.

On the same road as Sempati, there is a beach for if you would rather spend the day relaxing away from the communal pool, which is just another reason why Sempati is a prime location. You will be a very close distance away and can walk down to the coast (which is minutes away from Sempati Hotel) and enjoy a stroll along the costal path which has recently been built for your enjoyment. It allows you to have a completely clear view of the sea, sunset, an infinity of both ends of the island, and also the mountains.

Often, buses come down to Sempati to collect our guests, although if you wish to go out at a time a bus isn’t available, the main road (where you can get a bus) is only a very short walk away. The main town in North Cyprus is Girne (Kyrenia in English) and this is only a 20 minute drive away. In Girne there is a cluster of shops, restaurants, bars and a castle to tell you about the history of the island. It is a prime destination for tourists to visit.

Due to Sempati hotel being located slightly out of a main town, it is believed that you can enjoy a relaxing holiday away from the noise of cars or late night bars, although if you wish to go out for the night, they are only a short drive away. On top of that, add extremely friendly staff and excellent hotel cuisine, and there is no reason why you wouldn’t stay at Sempati.

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